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About Us

The leading provider in Speech and Occupational Therapy

Our Story

Decker Therapy Services, LLC was founded in 2010 to provide speech/language pathology services to children in their homes and private preschools. Now, Decker Therapy Services has expanded to provide occupational and speech therapy services to children and adults at three outpatient clinics, with auxiliary services provided by occupational, physical, and speech therapy at local PPECs. 

Our Mission

To rehabilitate children and families to succeed

To believe in our team to provide autonomous, clinically excellent care with compassion and respect

To believe in our clients and their ability to achieve any goal they once thought unattainable

Core Values


We are dedicated to including the entire family in our treatment approaches.  The benefits of receiving our excellent therapy interventions are first seen at home, and it is crucial that the family comes first in collaborating goals and processes for the greatest outcomes and achievements.


Our team is devoted to providing clinically excellent care based on the newest, most researched evidence available.  You are guaranteed to receive nothing but the best treatment interventions for your loved one.


At Decker Therapy, we believe in the power of an honest opinion.  Our practice is founded on no-frills and up-front communication about what is expressly needed for your loved one to succeed. 


To make a lasting impact on as many families as possible and provide a foundation for growth and quality of life no matter their age

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