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Alternative and Augmentative Communication

What to know

Evaluation Process

In order to ensure you or your loved one receive the most appropriate device, it is crucial to have an ACC evaluation performed by a licensed Speech or Occupational Therapist.  For more information on evaluation steps, click below

Local Resources

There are loads of state and federal resources available to learn more about ACC devices.  To learn more, click below

Voice Banking

Many AAC technologies allow us to create a "Voice Bank" of the users actual vocals, so that when they use the device it will sound like them!  This is exciting new technology, and allows us to create a communication tool that is an extension of our clients to feel more confident and comfortable re-introducing their voice to the world. For more information on Voice Banking, click below


Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurances will pay for a new AAC device every 5 years.  This includes with evaluation and assessment, the device itself, and any key parts that are essential to customizing the device for optimal usage.  If you have a private insurance and are unsure if they cover AAC devices, call your local insurance rep or reach out to us! We work with many insurance companies and usually will be able to answer coverage questions based on our experience!

Under Maintenance

Please come back soon! Exciting new communication tools await!

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