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Evaluation of AAC

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Receive Referral

First step: get the referral that may or may nor include info that the client wants AAC


We conduct an evaluation and interview family/caregivers to determine goals and what may be most appropriate AAC option

Visit Tampa General Hospital FAAST Center 

This step is a field trip! We go to the FAAST center (Florida's Assistive Technology Center) to see what AAC options are available for our client and check out the most appropriate options.  We are able to borrow these devices to trial what to buy later!  Our therapists will use these devices during several sessions as a modality to determine if it's a good fit.  If so, we move on to the next step. If not, repeat this step!

Contact Insurance/Vendor

Once we establish the correct AAC, the next step is to obtain the correct insurance code for the AAC evaluation from the insurance company.  We also will contact the vendor or representative who sells the AAC to double check insurance coverage and bring the device to the evaluation

Initiate Speech Therapy Services

In order to better design and adapt the AAC, each client will participate in Speech therapy to build a relationship with the therapist.  This allows our therapists to understand what is most meaningful to our clients so that we can better integrate the AAC

Write AAC report

After the evaluation, we will draft the AAC report and have a back-and-forth with the AAC company for feedback until the report is perfect to be submitted to insurance. Once approved, we get notice that the device was shipped to the client's home.  DO NOT OPEN!!!!

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Bring unopened AAC device to clinic

Once in clinic, the SLP will ensure all pieces are present and accounted for, demonstrate assembly, and set up for use.  

AAC Training

Until goals are met to ensure proper handling and use of AAC by the client, the device will remain in the clinic with the SLP so they have time to program and personalize the device.  This will also allow sessions to be conducted for client to practice with therapist.

Bring the device home

Once the client and family demonstrates understanding of the basics, they are allowed to bring the device home to trial it in their normal daily routine! 

Continue bringing AAC into sessions

If feasible, bring the AAC into the clinic for sessions over the next few weeks to make any necessary modifications/adaptations and/or personal preferences

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