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Speech, Feeding, Occupational Therapies and Applied Behavior Analysis Services

We are here to provide Tampa Bay's best pediatric​ therapy services for you and your family.


Speech Therapy

Let our dedicated Speech Pathologists help you! Our Speech Pathologists have extensive clinical backgrounds which help them create the best plan of care for each client. We employ the top Speech Pathologists to improve your child's speech production, fluency, language, cognition, and overall communication!

Common tr​eatments include:

Articulation           Social Skills          Stuttering              Apraxia


Augmentative/Alternative Communication    



Our highly trained Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists can evaluate and determine evidence-based treatment approaches to improving your child's feeding skills.  

Common treatments include:

Swallowing             Food Exploration

Expanding Diets     Self-Feeding

Meal Adaptations   Chewing

Sensory Techniques



Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists have master's degrees and use the most innovative, evidence-based treatment approaches to work with your child or loved one. We employ the top Occupational Therapists to help our clients exceed expectations!

Common treatments include:

Fine Motor Skills               Handwriting

Coordination             Body Awareness  

Sensory Integration    Balance   School-readiness                 Self-care 



Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based treatment that aims to improve social, communication and learning skills by using the principles of reinforcement. ABA is known as the ‘gold standard’ treatment for children with autism, however ABA is used in a variety of situations. The main goal of ABA treatment is to ensure that the skills learned by the child are generalized to all environments which the child participates in. (e.g., community, school, home).

Common Areas of Treatment

Increase communication effectiveness

Increase clarity and specificity of requests (e.g., food, toy, activity)

Establish or increase interest in others around them

Increase focus in school

Reduce or eliminate self-harming behaviors

Reduce or eliminate challenging and interfering behaviors  

Increase independence. 

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